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Family-centered, yet grounded in evidence based practices that 

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2610 Orange Center Blvd.  Orlando, FL 32805

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Our mission at FaTaj Transition & Learning Center is to provide consistent, and high quality treatment to clients and their families, by creating a comfortable and therapeutic training environment.


FaTaj Transition & Learning Center, LLC, is an agency that provides center-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children, adolescence and young adults diagnosed with Autism and other related developmental and behavioral disabilities.

ABA therapy is a scientific discipline that focuses on increasing communication skills and language, improving focus and attention, tolerance, as well as decrease problem behaviors. Our well trained  and experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Behavior Technicians only use research based practices and are here to provide high quality services.


Any individual experiencing daily difficulties with functioning in his/her home, school, or community, will benefit from ABA. The science of Applied Behavior Analysis has proven the environmental effects on one’s behavior. In order to shape the behavior, the environment must change and FaTaj is here to help!

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Skill Acquisition Training


Social Skills

Potty Training

Self Care

Feeding Therapy

Behavior Reduction Training







Property Destruction


Physical Aggression

Other Disruptive Behaviors


What to Expect
  • FaTaj accepts individuals ages 2 - 21 years old.

  • If services are funded by your child's insurance, you will need the following documents before requesting authorization

1) A Doctor's referral or Script signed by a Medical Doctor (MD) (most insurance companies will not accept the script if it is signed by a nurse practitioner. The referral/script MUST request ABA services.

2) A Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation (CDE). e.g. Child's rating autism scale.- This can be completed by a Developmental Pediatrician or Psychiatrist 

  • Once all documents are gathered, please complete our agency's referral form in its entirety and email it to or fax it to 407-395-3487 (attn. ABA intake)

  • Once all required documents are received and authorization from your insurance provider has been granted, one of our skilled BCBAs will contact your family to schedule an intake session. At this time additional documents (IEPs, Psychoneurological, Medical documents, etc.), will be reviewed. An in-depth assessment (e.g. VB-MAPP, FAST, etc), will be conducted by the Analyst, as well as a direct observation of the client will be conducted. (approx. 2 hours for total assessment).

  • Once goals are determined, the Analyst will develop a detailed assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) and submit it to your insurance provider. ***The amount of hours requested for services will be determined based on the medical necessity identified at intake. 

  • Your insurance provider or designated 3rd party review team will review the assessment and BIP (up to 2 weeks). 

  • Once the plan is approved and service hours are authorized, your Analyst or Program Manager will schedule regular appointments. 



Private Pay, FaTaj is an in-network provider for all Medicaid plans under Behavioral Health, WellCare, Cigna and CMS Title 21 

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Meet Our Director
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LaTeisha Jackson, M.Ed., BCBA

Having experience with close family members with disabilities, she has always had a curiosity to learn more about the different exceptionalities, which evolved into a strong desire to help those in need. After graduating from High School in Farmington Hills, Michigan, she left for Tallahassee Florida, to pursue a degree in Special Education from Florida State University. She obtained both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, with a focus in Transition. After graduation, she moved to Orlando, Florida where she served 6 years in the public school system, as an ESE teacher (2012-2015) and Behavior Specialist (2015-2018) at a separate day school with students with severe emotional and behavioral  disabilities.

In 2013 she began her pursuit as a Behavior Analyst,  where she continued her Education at the Florida Institute of Technology.  While working in the school system, she spent her evenings providing in-home behavior therapy to families with children with severe behavior concerns. In 2019, she obtained certification in Organizational Behavior Management , where she trained to apply behavior analytical practices in the workplace to improve productivity and safety. She has experience in working in several ABA clinics and agencies, group homes and schools.


LaTeisha has always had a passion and desire to help meet the needs of those with exceptionalities, and is excited launching the FaTaj Transition & Learning Center as a vessel to continue doing so!



V. M., Program Director

I met the parent of a former client of your last night at a school event in Apopka. She took the time to tell me how “amazing” your services were and described them as “life changing” for the entire family. She reported that her son went from very destructive, tantrumming throughout the day and not potty trained to a typical child in a regular ed kindergarten class. Even though you discharged over a year ago she is still very thankful for your services.  I know that you change the lives of your clients/families daily but love to hear such high and genuine praise. Thank you all your hard work and dedication!

What our parents have to say:

LaTeisha has taught my entire family strategies on how to handle positive and negative behaviors. She is super awesome and we looked forward to having her in our home every week. Our family from our youngest that is 4 yrs old to our oldest that is 8 has learned something good that they now practice.


My grandbaby attends FaTaj Transition center. She has greatly improved her behavior and social skills. Her potty training is going well. I highly recommend FaTaj's center.


Very friendly staff my grandsons love going there


Whitney M Young Academy 

Whitney M Young Logo.png
Now Enrolling for the 2023-2024 School Year!

Whitney M. Young Academy is a private school, now accepting applications for students with varying exceptionalities grades K-3rd grade. The private school is a tuition-based school accepting the Step Up Scholarship. AT WMYA, we offer small classroom sizes, a 3:1 teacher-student ratio including support from a Behavior technician, and a specialized curriculum to help bridge the communication, social and academic gap. We follow the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards, which features four concepts that that are encountered frequently throughout the standard domains: Play, Patterns, Cause and Effect and Communication. Our unique curriculum focuses on increasing attending and focusing, independent task completion, compliance and communication while integrating core curriculum.

letter recognition.jpg

Here's what you need to know:

  • Must be at least 3 years old on Sept. 1 of the school year

  • Program length: 1/2 day program PreK-3 and PreK-4 (8:45a-12p) and full day K-3rd grade (8:45a-3p)

  • Spots are limited: Attendance policy strictly enforced

  • Pull out and push in ABA services provided by FaTaj Transition & Learning Center


Tuition & Fees

WMYA is a tuition-based school and accepts the Family Empowerment Scholarship and private pay. Please see below for steps on how to apply for the scholarship.

Lunch program available 

Apply Here: FES-UA | Apply For A Scholarship Step Up For Students


Become a FaTaj Team Member

Step up for student scholarships:

Step Up For Students: Scholarships In Florida 

Check the license/certification status of your provider: 


Florida Department of Health (for medical and behavioral health practitioners)

Behavior analyst certification board (BACB) (for any ABA provider) 


Report Child abuse or neglect:

Mobile Crisis Services (download resource)

Report Medicaid waste, fraud, or abuse:


Non-emergency help line: 


Change your Medicaid plan: Medicaid Options: 888-367-6554

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